Metropolis – Finnish Art & Design by Jussi Lahtinen

Every city is unique. It's a system of codes, signs and symbols. Changes take place every day. Urban environment around us develops rapidly. We can't stop this. Metropolis Art & Design speaks to us in language we all understand even if we come from different corners of the world. It's a language of memories, associations, dreams and images. It's a dialogue with several generations of citizens in one moment of time. Artist and Designer Jussi Lahtinen invites us to travel in time and juggle Past, Future and Presence of cities.

I Choose Eco

POSTERS & POSTCARDS (Hämeen Kirjapaino) Paper from the wild Finnish forest (Oulu, Finland) Nordic enviromental label (joutsenmerkki) Acid free and PH-neutral paper Acid-free paper is designed to last for centuries. Due to its construction, it will not yellow with age and won't get brittle. Environmentally and socially responsible manner Local manufacturer (Tampere, Finland) High quality WOVEN TEXTILES (Annala) 50/50 recycled cotton and organic cotton Local manufacturer (Lapua, Finland) High quality TOTE BAGS, T-SHIRTS (Tam-Folio) Hand printed local manufacturer (Tampere, Finland) 100% cotton CERAMIC TILES (Kaakelikeskus) Environmentally responsible manufacturing Ecologically minded product European manufacturer (Ape Ceramica, Spain) High quality




Tampere, Finland

Metropolis – Tampere

Metropolis – Oulu

Metropolis – Turku

Metropolis – Lahti

Metropolis – Helsinki

Metropolis – Tampere

Metropolis – Vantaa

Metropolis – Pietari

Metropolis – Avignon

Metropolis – Barcelona

Metropolis – Leipzig - Berlin